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    Harvest or Wait

    Hello my Friend, here it is late Sept in socal, and we are getting morning due regularly, not to mention them damm caterpilars, i was hoping for a nice sunny week, and harvest on Sunday, but it's been overcast all week, so far, supposed to heat up tomorrow. the longer i wait the greater chance of losing buds.i have already cut off about a 1/4 oz. so what do you guys think?
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    Still too early. Still have mostly white hairs. Do I see a bit of bud rot on top of one of those buds. If it is you must remove it and make sure there is no more. When most or all the hairs are red and the bulb at the top of the Trichome are at least milky or some Amber ones for stronger stuff, then is when...


      Hey johnb1963 nice looking plant. By the size of the buds Im gonna take a guess and say thats second or third growth of pistils? The pic of the full plant i think i see bud rot on one of the buds in center of pic... Trichs dont look too amber yet. Not gonna tell you what to do but i just harvested my sour diesel and had to throw out at least an ounce of bud cause of bud rot. Might want to minimize your losses by cutting earlier than originally planned.
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