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Final remaining plant seems to have bud rot. Is any of it salvageable?

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    HELP! Final remaining plant seems to have bud rot. Is any of it salvageable?

    I had another two plants in a location where there wasn't as much wind, and the bud rot came on much earlier prior to them being worth harvesting. This one seems in the home stretch, so I am hoping I can salvage at least some by harvesting the unaffected areas today. Ideally I'd like to see the trichomes curl more, but at this point need to do what I have to do.
    The pictures are mostly of the problem areas, but the 4th is an example area where there is not signs of any rot - which is actually most of the plant.

    Can I safely harvest the non-affected areas? What are the risks if the area doesn't look to have mold. Could it cause someone to get sick who consumed edibles from it or smoked it?


    I value my harvest. If i can pull out or cut out mold and bud rot i take my time inspecting each an every inch of the harvested plant. I keep what I think is untouched an hang it. So for myself it's a YES for keeping what's salvagable, at the very least you could make butter for baking.
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      Salvage what you can and discard the rot. I see bud rot in the 4th pix also. For the buds that u save, inspect them very carefully for any sign of br. If you are not sure, break open the bud and look inside. That is where it starts, so you can have a bud that looks good on the outside but is rotten on the inside. After drying, do a second inspection to remove any rot that might have been missed.
      Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


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        Sorry - the labels for #s on the pics didn't come through. The one I think is okay is the 2nd from the left. Just want to make sure I'm not missing something. But will definitely tear them apart to be sure. Just trying to get better at each step.

      I would also do a wash before drying to get rid of any leftover spores. I wash mine regardless but in particular if there are signs of bud rot. I mainly use just fresh water, lemon juice and baking soda in my washes but I’ve read H2O2 is quite good for cleaning up bud rot spores (but make sure you get rid of anything that has rot on it or was touching BR and bag it immediately and dispose so you don’t spread the BR around).


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        Any tips or instructions for washing? This is a new concept to me with this being my first outdoor. I really appreciate the feedback!

      I also am interested in the washing technique. I am familiar with flushing but not washing!! So Glad to be on this forum. Such an interesting hobby and so much to learn!


        Michoro and DutchTreatMaster washing is a pretty simple affair. You can google it for different approaches but they are all pretty close. People use between 2 and 4 wash buckets and generally it is some combination of water, lemon juice, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

        I personally use three 5 gallon pails (just cheap ones from home despot). I fill the first with fresh water and lemon juice (still working on the exact amount of juice but most recipes say between 1/4 and 1 cup of fresh juice I think). The second bucket is fresh water and baking soda (again I think it about 1/2 cup to a cup of soda). The last bucket is just fresh water as a rinse. Some recipes have the lemon juice and soda in the same bucket but that doesn’t make sense to me. Some have hydrogen peroxide in a bucket. Some have 2 plain water rinse buckets. Just find a recipe that looks like it makes sense to you and give it a shot - any wash is better than none. You dip your branch in the first bucket and gently swirl it with out bumping the sides to minimize damage to trichomes for a minute or two, then repeat in the other buckets.

        I trim the stuff I intend to throw out (big fan leaves mainly) then wash and hang the branch for a short while to let most of the water drip off and then do my final trim. This way the trim you intend to keep is washed as well. Afterwards dry as usual and cure (you have to stir the trim occasionally on a big cookie tray to get it to dry properly - you don’t want to leave a big pile of wet trim very long or it will mold - better still to run a fan over it to speed the drying but the branches can hang dry as usual.

        I had intended to do this on my outdoor crop only but after trying it and thinking about it I believe I will do it with the indoor as well. With really sticky resin on the plants everything sticks to them including dirt, bugs, dust, dry skin cells, animal hair, animal pee… everything. I am now a big proponent of a wash. I like the old analogy of asking someone over for dinner and feeding them a salad of unwashed lettuce straight from the garden. Sure it’s more natural, but would you really want to eat it? My experience on degradation of terpenes and potency matches what I have read, which is there really doesn’t seem to be any loss.

        I am not an expert, it is a pretty new step in the process for me, but I am pleased with the result.

        EDIT: in case I didn’t mention it somewhere above, while I haven’t yet used hydrogen peroxide in my wash buckets I am not against it, and I’ve read it is particularly useful with getting rid of bud rot spores and the like.


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          Thank you, sir!

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          Great info. Thanks for your advice.

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