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quick drying some small buds

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    quick drying some small buds

    im wanting to test some small nugs off my outdoor plants that are showing all cloudy or amber and cloudy. i know the results of a quick dry suck more than a cheap call girl during mardi gras which is why i only clipped a single small nug off each plant. effectively all im wanting to do here is test these to make sure it really is time to chop and im not wasting the better part of 6 months of growing here

    so with it entirely understood that this is not something im doing to entire plants, and that the results are going to suck no matter what, what is the least bad way to go about doing this?

    and with a rosin press handy what would be better, smoking the ground nugs one at a time, or pressing them and dabbing the tiny bit of rosin from each?
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    You can roll small buds up in cardboard tubes and put them in the back of a fan so the fan pulls air through the tube. I came up with this years ago and it does work for a test.


      Well i save small brown paper lunch bags for the very small bottom nugs, damn straight i save it all bud wise. I just air dry on screen. Right there 6months tending not gonna f it up wish i had some very close to harvest small buds right now LOL. I'm a month out on a couple my plants outdoors and longer wait on couple more.......go for it.
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      I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
      Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
      Currently using fish/guano during veg growth & FF Grow Big 6-4-4 teens to bloom. Once i see pre-flower i switch to
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        Budgal - I have some Mag from the 1st grow and the pitiful autos in mini jars. One tiny bud of South Beach that I'll probably smoke at bedtime then I'm out of dispo weed and vapes. Those autos didn't help my inventory. I might buy ice and make oil with once-washed quality bud in a jar, in my freezer since February. Maybe canna-coco oil with some frozen popcorn that I dried but ran out of jar lids. I read about Insta-Pot settings for making it, using the lowest slow cooker setting it can't get too hot. I haven't smoked until bedtime for a while. If I use the reusable exit bag at the dispensary I get $5 off order, might stop in for a cheap pre-roll while I'm in that town for the vet Wednesday.

      Hi Matriumcauthon, I routinely snip sample buds in the last few weeks before harvest. In my experience the smoke isn't optimal but certainly good enough to test the potency and general character of your plant.

      I've had the best results by wet trimming the test buds of all leaf then drying them on a rack for a few days before firing up a trial bowl. This won't give you any indication of how your properly dried and cured herb will taste, but you should be able to tell how strong the effect is and whether it is a cerebral or body high.

      And, besides all that, pre-harvest sampling is the best way to wait out those agonizing last weeks before it's "Really Ready!"


      PS, none of those "Cheap Callgirl" downsides either...
      My goal is epicurean quality rather than high yield.
      I'm learning how to create cannabis tinctures and hashish and I almost always use a vaporizer to spare my aging lungs.
      Despite my avatar name I'm generally amenable and helpful. So, if there's a question I'm qualified to answer, hit me up!



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