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Problem at week 6 of flowering

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    HYDRO Problem at week 6 of flowering

    I fed her almost a gallon of food yesterday (General Hydroponics 1/2-0-1 and 1/2tsp calcium PH 5.70, in recycled fish tank water, which it's had from the beginning). This morning I wake up to nearly all of it's leaves in terrible stress! 'Haven't had this happen before and I'm unsure of why or what to do.

    It is in week 6 of flowering and has about 30-40% amber petals. Do I drain the tank immediately and switch to tap? Should I go ahead and flush for 2 weeks and hope for the best? I'm really stumped.

    Howdy ladygoldfish, I do not know the reasoning behind using the fish tank water, it , most likely has some fish waste (ammonia and no telling what kind(S) of bacteria in it) that might be harming the plant. Also, what are the environmental conditions (water and air temperature as well as the RH) of the grow room are. It looks, to me, as if the plant is under nourished. Do drain and flush the reservoir and re fill with the GH nutriments, balance the pH to 6.0, keep the water between 62° F and 70° F, and the air temperature below 80° F.
    Good luck with Your grow.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


      Well, it appears the "extra" umph created by the fish water in growing were too much in flowering at this stage (burned it), I suppose. Another lesson learned (when I finally thought I was gonna have my first perfect grow). That day, I drained the tank and replaced it with balanced tap with it's GH feed but no real change except in 2 days most all of the pistols are now amber. Should I leave it be for another week and then flush for 2 and harvest a bit early? Will it ruin the buds?


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        Howdy ladygoldfish, it ,most likely, will not do the plant any more harm so let it have a chance to 'get well'. You should look at the condition (color, clear, milky, or amber) of the tricomes on the buds (calyces) before You harvest her.
        Good luck with Your grow.

      It still has a lot of lower leaves that are so-so and the flowers are mostly amber but I will keep her on schedule and not harvest early. Thanks for the tips.


        How are the roots looking? In the first pic, it looks like I can see right through the net pot into your reservoir. Is light getting into your tank?


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