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An epiphany. Feels good,

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    SOIL An epiphany. Feels good,

    Last couple years I've obtained strains that are considered moderate or difficult to grow. Because I grew once before.

    That was probably a bad decision. While they aren't bad, they haven't been great either.

    I may just not be as knowledgeable as I think I am.


    So here's next year's selection. Going for something considered "easy" so I can feel like Thanos again.

    Your suggestions are more than welcomed.

    Durban Poison (orig landrace?)
    Northern Lights

    Both classed as "easy" in terms of mold/bugs/etc. Both of them are strains familiar to me.

    I'm going caveman style next year.

    Getting 4 fem Skywalker Ghosts as a freebie. Skywalker x ghost x (OG). Prolly shouldn't kill them yet.
    Trying a Bruce Banner and an Alaska Thunderfuck this year outdoors in So Cal. ATF is marked with the orange bag in my pics.

    Fox Farms Happy Frog (5 cu ft each), in very sandy soil.
    Using molasses for the mycos
    Silica Blast
    and General Hydroponics Grow/Bloom

    Crushed up chewable Vit C tabs to kill the chloramines. 30 minutes to clean a 5 gallon pail fresh from the hose.

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