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Autoflower Nutrient Schedule Problems

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    Autoflower Nutrient Schedule Problems

    After 20 grows, I continue to struggle with over/underfeeding my plants.

    I'm using: FF/OF soil, FF Grow Big (6-4-4) and FF Bloom (0-.5-.7) and Doctor Earth Flower Girl (3-9-4), in addition to Fish Shit and molasses. Today, my plant leaves changed and the soil test showed severely depleted nitrogen at only 5 weeks since sprout. So much for 'just add water" as some claim about Ocean Forest.

    Vigorous plants seem to tear right through the nutrients showing yellow leaves and purple stems, while lesser plants protest badly when you feed them. I don't think I've guessed correctly once! Week 8 is my nemesis!

    I think my new protocol will be to do a soil test at the end of Weeks 4, since that appears to be the depletion time for Ocean Forest. I really don't want to do the whole Foxfarm recommended schedule using lots of product with regular flushing.

    How does everyone else navigate these dire straits?

    Soil is only good for 30 days without adding more to it. Nowhere on the bag does it say it lasts long time. I personally use earth dust dry amendments. It's a two part formula one for veg that lasts through flower and a boost for flower.

    I start seeds and let them grow in solo cups for a few weeks.then i cook soil in earth dust base for a week or 2 before use and get a good 6 weeks veg. 1 week before harvest I Amend with boost and again 30 days later. Other than compost teas and occasional fish and kelp organic fertilizer I only water. I also will foliar spray once or twice at the flip to flower to help with the stretch. I don't check ph because the microbes suppose to do that for me.
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    Water only i don't check ph
    6 pot fabric autopots with GH trio nutes


      In my experience the nutes in FFOF exhaust themselves after 4 or 5 weeks. When I did use FFOF I started to feed twice a week after week 4.
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        Thanks to all


          I tried "Earth Keeper complete" living soil "just add water" and it did the entire grow of a 60 day auto, as did my soil (in thread challenged). I had no issues with either soil, however mine produced better roots, taller plant with more yield of better smelling buds (in cure now). I would use this soil again (but would mix it 50/50 with my own).
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