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Aphids and only a short time away from harvest

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    SOIL Aphids and only a short time away from harvest

    During my regular maintenance I noticed one plant has a fair number of aphids on a couple of leaves.Growing a batch of small autos of different varieties indoors so the affected one has had it's invitation to the tent rescinded.I've been taking them out on sunny days in the last week or so so the one will spend the next few days in the wild. I'm naturally panicked but have treated with a stream of water which appears to have displaced the infestation. Don't want to use anything that would affect taste or quality of finished product so I'm thinking essential oils,soaps or even garlic & onion are out. Since there isn't a lot of exterior foliage at this point and I'm a week or so away from harvest I am not sure how I can tell if there are more of them in amongst the bud.I have used my usb microscope and don't see any but I'm a worrier so I'll keep checking. My question is what would be a possible option in case there's a major population explosion & if anyone has experience of any of the following:
    - Tomato leaves steeped in water
    - canola oil in water
    - mild soap and canola oil in water
    - sticking with plain water stream


    ISO alcohol mixed with water. 50/50 spray before lights are out. Over and under leaves.

    works for me every time
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