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Trichome Method Only - Having a Hard Time Judging Harvest Time

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    HYDRO Trichome Method Only - Having a Hard Time Judging Harvest Time

    Hi - I always have a hard time judging the trichomes. Externally, the plants look ready to harvest. Over 80% of the pistils are brown and curling. Some fan leaves have started to brown and die off, but the trichomes look clear to me. I'm posting here to get your thoughts. : ) I can't tell if they're cloudy or clear. Any opinion is appreciated, but I can't take a full plant photo (sorry). I tagged the four photos with the strain name.

    They’re close, l like a little amber myself but it’s a personal opinion really. Most strains have a mix of clear and cloudy or white. There are a few that turn all all white but not all. When the tris on the buds, not the sugar leaves, are majority cloudy or white with some amber scattered out is when I usually harvest.


      You will not regret waiting abit more. I would try another week if all is going well otherwise with the grow. Great job
      Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

      Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
      indoor/outdoor grower
      1 36"x36"x66" tent- Viparspectra P2500
      1 3x3x6 tent- used in late spring for seedlings both veggies & weed. I have 2 viparspectar 450r for that tent.
      I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
      Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
      Currently using fish/guano during veg growth & FF Grow Big 6-4-4 teens to bloom. Once i see pre-flower i switch to
      Age Old Organics Bloom 5-10-5


        Still too early IMHO, unless you are shooting for a total speedball high.

        This was a helpful discussion on your question:
        I grow exclusively in large pots using soil comprised of the compost I make combined with Foxfarm or other quality commercial soils as an amendment. Appropriate nutes as needed. State of the art LED lighting and an evolving system of environmental controls allows me to pamper my plants and let them tell me what they need.
        My goal is epicurean quality rather than high yield.
        I'm learning how to create cannabis tinctures and hashish and I almost always use a vaporizer to spare my aging lungs.
        Despite my avatar name I'm generally amenable and helpful. So, if there's a question I'm qualified to answer, hit me up!



        Looks early to me. Unless there is some other reason to take the plant now, I would wait a week or 2. There are some strains that do not follow the rules, but...
        Don't worry, be happy, grow sticky buds.


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