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    I can't remember if I had asked this question before or not. I am growing my first attempt at an auto (gg4) So far things seem to be going well. I started her in Coast of Maine Stonington Blend but now I'd like a few suggestions for nutes for flower. I have a feeling I'm going to get many but preferrably I just want a few (I don't have THAT much time, its an auto lol)

    Ive heard in the past to just give her Fish sh*t. To me it seems there should be more to it than that. Other suggestions I've received have been to make a tea with the Stonington Blend but again, I feel there should be more for the nutrients. Thanks in advance for any recommendations/suggestions

    With my autos I use this product from week 7 until finish. I also use it on every other flowering plant, fruit or vegetable that I've grown since 1985. Safe, (will not burn) simple and effective, providing readily available NPK for high brix and yields.


      My last auto run was in Stonington blend. Didn't need to add anything during veg but during flower (starting in the second week of flower) I used Botanicare and Magic Cal.. I stopped nutes 2 weeks before the chop.
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