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    I have 3 Pink Plants, planted in 10 gallon cloth pots with Fox Farm Ocean Garden Soil. I have been using Fox Farm nutrients every other watering. All of them have been treated the same. I PH the water and I am not understanding what is going on with this one plant. It has been doing this for a couple months now and I was hoping that with the proper nutrients it would correct but it has not. As you can seethe plant looks healthy except for some of the leaves which look like pictured below. The leaves eventually turn all yellow. I would like any suggestions and thanks in advance.

    If it is only a few leaves here and there and they tend to be lower or in the middle of the plant then i would not worry about it as plants that are not getting enough light will die off. This is a normal process (especially for outdoor grows) and unless you see it spreading or effecting leaves that are getting enough light then you might be fine. Just looking at the plant it looks good, though im not an outdoor grower so maybe experienced outdoor growers may have a different opinion.


      Thanks for the input


        Everything Tersky said. Plant looks super healthy, what a beast!!! Post pics later on into flower please


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          Thank You any idea why only one out of three is doing this and the other 2 are not. They are all the same strain. Pink Plant is the strain. I am not new to growing but have never seen this before.

        Most likely bugs, or damage from leaves rubbing, (I cant zoom into the pics) nothin to worry with yet.


          The single finger may be genetic and that one happens to be a different phenotype.
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