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Bubbleponics first attempt and crazy stretch?

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    Bubbleponics first attempt and crazy stretch?

    I found this site 4 years ago after planting my first seed in soil and attempting my first indoor grow. Unexpected results from a single seed from a bag of Blue Dream in my first grow (4oz total) ignited my desire to keep trying new strains a techniques. This site has helped me maximize every grow, and saved a few along the way. I’ve tried just about every soil, fertilizer, and light setup over the last 4 years, but never hydro…until this time. I’m not planning on going back to soil again unless the potency is low on this grow…otherwise it’s about as easy and fast as anything I’ve ever tried before.

    Here’s my question with some information on how I approached things this time. I decided to order some photo fem seeds from Nirvana, specifically Grease Monkey and Gelato. I got three of each going in coco (first time using coco), and decided to split these between two 10 gallon tubs. I put two air bubblers in each tub, so lots of oxygen. Every grow I’ve done to date was in my original 2x4x5 tent, and two tubs fit nicely side-by-side in it. I like to experiment when trying something new, as I learn a lot when I push boundaries. So I didn’t listen to the very clear message on this sites hydro guide which is…don’t even consider doing more than 2 plants per tub, but alas, live and learn. I can confirm that 2 is likely the maximum most should do, otherwise you’re just wasting seeds. But as I said, live and learn!

    I used General Hydroponics this grow as the thought of my Fox Farm ferts bubbling away in water (and the smell of them) was something I wanted to avoid. Seeds were started early May under a 315w LEC, and put on a 20/4 schedule. As I had a small(er) tent, I planned as I have every grow before switching to 12/12 at around 15 inches in height. I originally planned on 8 colas per plant, so followed the guidance here on how to do that. Early June arrived and the Grease Monkey was THRIVING, and the Gelato was doing well. Remember, small space so was really trying to keep them low, flat and cola heavy. Like I’ve done every grow before.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks and they were literally ready to flip on June 15. The fastest veg growth I’ve ever seen or experienced. I’m thinking, “Hydro is so awesome, this is so easy, this tent is going to be impressive!” Also, I’ve never had a plant do the full 2x stretch, so I allowed the Grease Monkey to go to 18 inches which allowed the Gelato to reach 15. I was expecting a canopy of around 30-32 inches. This would be close to my LEC, but I’ve never had an issue growing to within a few inches of it. Heat isn’t a problem for me as I keep the tent at a pretty steady 75.

    Two weeks after the flip to 12/12, I have one Grease Monkey roughly 4 inches from my light and a height of 32 inches. Other colas were in the high 20’s. I was doing everything with training to prevent this, but it was growing so fast it was impossible to manage…especially with two other plants in the tub preventing me from really spreading it out. I literally had one option available, and that was to emergency order a new tent. Two days later I had a new 4x4x7 tent, my 315LEC and a 1000 watt LED panel I’ve used before hanging over the two tubs and boy did they (and me) enjoy the new space this offered. I’m thinking, awesome, all set now, stretch all you want now, I am king of my destiny, not you plant.

    The plants continued to stretch and now most of the Grease Monkey colas are between 52 and 58 inches (flipped to 12/12 at 18 inches) and the Gelato is around 40-48 inches (flipped at 15). I literally almost outgrew the new tent in three weeks. There are no (and I mean ZERO) light leaks as the tent’s in a dark room. I have been diligent in doing everything by-the-book. Colas are fattening up nicely, and other than the plants drinking around a gallon of water a day (the only downside I can see with hydro), everything seems just like every time I’ve grown, except the plants are massive versus my usual 30 inchers.

    My question…I know 2x is sometimes normal, and you can find some strains push farther. But is this kind of growth normal for hydro?! I’m seeing 3x+ on the Grease Monkey, and 2.5x on the Gelato. The mid-stretch also seemed to be weird as the nodes were around 6 inches apart, and I usually see a tighter pattern. I’m going to flip this into an immediate new grow as soon as this one wraps up in a few weeks, so if I am missing something I want to correct before I start again. If not, I’ll just plan on a massive stretch next grow and if it doesn’t happen, all good.

    Pictures to follow.
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    June 1, happy and ready for topping
    Click image for larger version  Name:	615039FA-4702-4C76-80FA-676EB81A374C.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	344.2 KB ID:	528462

    June 16, day of switch to 12/12. Tub on left is Grease Monkey, tub on right is Gelato.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	55B0D2AD-1C73-4183-9E95-52FB9E974893.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	562.0 KB ID:	528461

    June 20, stretch underway, happy plants
    Click image for larger version  Name:	35C48F29-5350-4428-A3C6-CDF350AD4DD6.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	586.8 KB ID:	528468

    June 28, Grease Monkey entering LEC light shroud, new tent arrived next day just in time.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	0FE8FDE5-82E1-4A24-A507-95B00A19876E.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	374.9 KB ID:	528469

    July 11 after in new 4x4x7 tent for a few days
    Click image for larger version  Name:	A57A0B65-4627-4E7A-A0DA-3780CAA7764D.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	805.6 KB ID:	528470

    July 26…a little more than 3 1/2 months after seedling stage
    Click image for larger version  Name:	FEF8F820-7E61-4E0A-AFF8-FB4D7724CC79.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	975.4 KB ID:	528471

    Anything jump out that I’m doing wrong? The space between nodes (at least on the Grease Monkey) seems extreme to me.
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      Bubbleponics is the way I've grown for 7 years. I think the stretch is controlled by the genetics of the seed. Kush strains seem to stretch forever. Indica dominant strains don't stretch as much. Good growing to you !!
      Focus and relativity.


        Yeah, I’ve had some freaky genetics, always fun to see how that impacts things. The Grease Monkey is a indica dominant hybrid, but the stretch is dominated by it’s Sativa lineage. I just wasn’t expecting this kind of stretch! I was given a Kuban Killer seed once that refused to stretch more than 6 inches, and I thought I had stunted it somehow. Strongest weed I’ve ever smoked, and apparently was genetics at play on the stretch…or maybe I stunted it. Either way, cross eyed for days with that harvest.

        The length between nodes caught me by surprise. Can’t be my lighting as I have plenty of watts in the tent, and the distance to the lights have never been a problem except for them getting too close. First hydro grow so thought it might be that as that’s the only variable I’ve thrown at this grow. Might be the nutes as well?

        Either way, good problem to have and now I have a bigger tent! 😉
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