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    HYDRO Root rot prevention

    Hello Gromies,

    I am a noob starting my first ever indoor hydroponic tent grow but have had real difficulty getting my ladies past seedling stage before they suffer from damping off or root rot. I am using rockwool starter cubes and intend to transfer them to larger cubes and then use a recycled drip system reservoir. I still haven’t even managed to get them past starter cube stage and its really haunting me. I have tried diluted H2O2 to try and salvage them to no avail. After some research I understand that ‘beneficial bacteria’ alongside nutrients (I am using tripart GH nutes) can help in preventing and fighting off root rot. The brand I keep coming across is Botanicare Hydroguard. I have also heard about SnakeOil and Great White. The problem is I am in Europe and none of these products seem available unless for an extortionate price. I have also heard that using some sort of pond bacteria could work. What are peoples opinions on these products? Can anybody suggest any affordable alternatives?

    Really would be so appreciative of any advice!

    Many thanks in advance, T
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