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    I have some questions about when to fflush plants? I have started my flush at about 7weeks of flowering plain ph this right? Also do I do a flush in a DWC the last few weeks of flowering? Have not heard much about this subject just wondering what other people do.....
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    Welcome! Here's the link to Grow Weed Easy. Most of us follow much of the guidance on it. I am not answering your question, as GWE is much more I am not an expert.

    Growing weed can be easy, though some marijuana grow tutorials make it seem like you need a degree in horticulture. Learn how to plant a seed & start growing with as little time and effort as possible, or read our advanced tutorials for monstrous yields!
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      Flushing in hydro is not necessary and could impact yields. I personally do plain water for the last day or two and thats it. Buds do most of their bulking in the last few weeks, and since the only nutes in hydro are the ones you put in, you would be effectively starving them during the time they need the most nutes. Keep feeding imo and wait until you see some amber trichs then do 1-3 days of plain water, though this step is not really necessary (I have smoked both "flushed" and non "flushed" plants and with a proper cure there was no difference in taste, or at least it was not enough for me to tell a difference).

      "Flushing" before harvest has been a point of contention for a lot of folks so there may be some who disagree but after doing my own testing i came to the conclusion that it was not as necessary as i thought it was.

      EDIT: Looking at your pic i dont see any buds. Is that a different plant or taken before flowering started?


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        Absolutely agree ! Flush doesn’t matter at all if you ask me. Not even in soil.. I have never tasted any difference between flushed and non flushed buds.. it’s all about the curing process if you ask me too

      I never noticed much of a difference. For sure, you want to avoid starting flush in week 7 when the plant still needs a few more weeks to mature. If you want to flush, wait until the trichomes are on the edge of ready then change out the nutes for plain water a few days before chop.
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        I flush my plants with 15% overflow EVERY time I add nutrients, NOT to increase bud taste or smell, but to remove old nutrients & salt buildup which can easily instigate nutrient burn. Using full doses of Fox Farms nutrients and lots of Perlite, my leaves stay green right through harvest.
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          If You have a lockout or something - flush the plant.
          If you want to flush before harvest, Underground farmer has a good point. Do the flush when the trichomes are were you want them to be in maturity.

          and yea feeding the plants until you get run off water it’s pretty normal in a soil grow. Nutrients or without nutrients it’s pretty basic stuff.
          Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
          You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


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