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How to cool water in Hydro System???

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    How to cool water in Hydro System???

    Hey Everyone

    Been struggling with the water temperature of my Hydro System for a bit now. System has fourteen 20 litre Buckets. Water temp sitting at around 25°c which is obviously to high. Air temp in my tent been around 26°c - 27°c. Tried painting my Hydro Buckets white and had a fan running on my res but no major difference. Any suggests please? Really don't want to heat stress my girls.

    I bought a used water cooler, one that you would put a 5 gal jug on top. Dismantle it and you are left with the compressor and the coil. Some coils already have a plastic coating on them, others don't. The ones that don't I just wrap a plastic bag over the coil to prevent oxidation. Put the coil directly into your reservoir. Search online for a device that will monitor your water temp and turn the compressor on and off accordingly. I paid about $50 for this device.


      Howdy MrCantSpellGood, I keep the reservoir temperatures in check by wrapping the reservoir in bubble wrap for insulation (I use the large bubble wrap, but any would do) and using ice bottles, changed aout as needed. I have been growing in a bubble-phonic style six gallon reservoir. I have been using smooth sided water bottles (0.7 L) and they work well. Early on into the grow, when the plants are small, I have to change out the bottles about every four hours or so, but after the canopy fills out, the bottles only need to be changed out about twice a day.
      I hope that this helps out. Good luck with your grow.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


        Are you having root rot or just worried? I grew for a few years with no chiller and water temps hanging around 70-72F with no problems - UNTIL an algae invasion forced me to move everything into coco. Even then, I don't suspect light leaks or water temps as much as I do my city's water supply bringing in fresh spores every water change. A chiller may or may not have helped me. I may have to get a RO system if I go back to hydro because of that.
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