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so i got things MESSED up =)

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  • Rwise
    As to the flower ferts, not going to hurt anything as the plant uses the same stuff to make roots as it does to make flowers, as long as they are not over done that is.
    80.6 to 86*F, a bit warm not hot.
    Need input! with pics in normal light

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  • Farmbuck
    commented on 's reply
    Is it me but I'm a bit confuse about his comment. Yes we need a picture.

  • SoOrbudgal
    Kinda hard to understand what you did? How old are these photo periods? Or are they auto flowers? we can't help much without good communication. and a pic would be helpful

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  • MeEasy
    I might be misunderstanding you but you have them on a 12/12 light schedule now but that you fed them flower food throughout the grow. If so and they are looking ok just continue with them and learn from your mistake do better next grow, they should be ok..... more info and pictures would help me help you

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  • sneakyplant
    started a topic HELP! so i got things MESSED up =)

    so i got things MESSED up =)

    okies,im growing few plants there and happend to some mistake in beginning,i putted vegetation light cycle on when moved plants to tent,BUT then i realised after 3-4weeks i was watering them with flowering fertilizer for all time,now those look bit funny on leave-tips,babes are 70cm+....real question is here how can fix this?putted on flowering light-cycle to timer now and started using MILD flowering fertilizer cos seemed it could had too much fert =) ....theres nice flowers in those too coming but dont wanna lose them cos this silly mistake :P
    thanks for advance! =)
    having plants in 10litre soil pot,noting special in tent,just basic growing things,using canna fertilizers too
    600w SPNA light
    good airconditioning
    temp is 27-30 alltimes since hot summer :P

    OK,some photos there =),dont get mad,dont usually post stuffs on net so might have some missing info what u need for my problem BUT got good advices here anyway,thanks for that =)

    TEMP is Celsius btw =)

    in short terms plants vere in vegetation phase and i fertilized it with flowering fertilizer instead of vegetive fertilizer accidentally
    here some photos...

    first ones are triple G and another one is Critical kush,why dirrefent strains?TWO plants totals... another is ordered from shop and another one came as BONUS =)
    3weeks of vegetation phase and 1,5week flowering now 12/12 lights,started that flowering period since those are quite big and flowering a bit seems,and asked here for help too,
    using CANNA nutrients,soil,pots
    Canna terra vegetation 10ml/per litre of water
    Canna terra flores 10ml/litre of water
    as far as i can say those yellow things on leaves are over fertilized? changed it to substral to lower potassium levels a bit,that subrstal is nationally most used normal gardening stuff,did MILD mixture of that and i noteiced it started repair it self from down to up atleast some,so no yellow thingys on bottom anymore =)

    prolly missing some info here so please ask for more! thanks in advance <3

    ps.this is second time i do this and first time went allmost perfectly =)

    pss.normal ferminized seeds,NO auto-flower
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    Last edited by sneakyplant; 08-02-2021, 03:51 AM.

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