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    Grow setup pictures and questions

    Hey all! So after my first post I've started my seeds germinating (damp papertowel around the seeds in ziplock bags on a heating pad at low heat to preserve temp) and started to set up the closet to be ready to go when my seeds are. The walls are lined with industrial aluminum foil, since I had that on hand and wanted to try it - it was pretty easy to put in with push pins and i'm pleased with how it's turned out. I have a chain that my light hangs from which i can use to raise/lower it (I'm aware I'll need to lower it lower than it's current height later). The floor has trash bags lining it with dog pee pads on top to prevent any spills even reaching the bags which are there as a backup.

    My main question now is, do y'all expect I'll need to transplant them later? My pots are 2 gallon fabric pots, and I'm growing white widow as well as blueberry strains. If not, could i fit another pot in the closet, or should I leave it with just the two?

    Any other questions or advice are welcome, as I'm new to this. I'm just so excited to see my lil plants!!! ^_^

    Looks good GreenThumb - looks like we have the same G8LED 240, did you get the 90 watt red flower booster as well? You want to move your cord for the light out of your way to the back. What size space - 2x2? If 2x2 then one or two more will be nice and crowded. Two to start is probably just right.
    As for the germination - how do your seeds get air if you are suffocating them?
    Autos or photos.
    Here's what you can look forward to - this is 7 autos in a 3x3
    Attached Files
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


    • GreenThumbedEnt
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      I didn't get the red flower booster as of now. I need to make a little more money first, lol. the space is just under 3x3 - I think 34" x35".

      The bag method is how I was taught to germinate seeds back in the day, since it maintains the humidity and they don't need as much air now. Opening up the bag periodically to allow air in is pretty reasonable I thought.

      They're feminized photoperiod seeds.

      Your plants look great! what size planter are you using? Are you manifolding or anything to that nature?

    • Canuck147
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      Not manifolding 7 plants - building surplus - have all these empty mason jars, to get bud quick. 4 in 3 gallon pots - 3 in 2 gallon. Have one indica that is taller than a sativa.

    Hello your setup looks great! What medium are you using? That would help determine transplant time. Also are you transplanting to a bigger pot than 2 gal? I would put the seed directly in your grow medium as transplanting can slow the plant down which is not good for autos. Hope this helps. Peace and positive vibes!
    Perpetual setup!


    • GreenThumbedEnt
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      This is the soil mix I'm planning to use:

      I plan on having a 2 soil: 1 perlite mixture

      I'm hoping to not have to transplant, but when I saw my 2 gal pot I was concerned they might be two small for the full growth period - ideally i'd like to plant the germinated seed and then avoid transplants if at all possible. My seeds are photoperiod seeds if that changes anything, since you mentioned autos.


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