Hello I hope everybody is having fun growing:-) so the worst has happened. I found a couple spider mites on one of my plants. I removed those leaves and bought 500 ladybugs. I have released a quarter of them for the last two days and will release a quarter of them today and then finish off the rest tomorrow. But I don't want to stop there. I've heard the horror stories of spider mites. I am between weeks 3 and 4 of flower on this particular plant. I have heard of using Captain Jack's deadbug. I'm wondering if anybody has used Captain Jack's deadbug and smoked the flower after all said and done? I run a pretty clean tent so I traced back the spider mites to my gardenia plant that I just brought in from outside and placed in my living room:-( wasn't even thinking about bringing an outside plant inside. I'm a sucker for the smell of gardenias. Any feedback on Captain Jack's deadbug during flower would greatly be appreciated. Thank you so much have a wonderful day and happy growing