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Holiday Treats -(here we grow again)-

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    And… that’s a wrap folks. I hope everyone has a great holiday and new year! Thanks to those who tuned in and commented. I’ll be sure and think of you as I’m enjoying what’s left of my sticky delicious smelling flowers.

    All my best my friends
    Big Love & Good Rain!

    jago ma!*

    *personally I don’t believe in deity, this call to Kali Ma along with the last two songs might seem a contradiction. To quote The Professor: “I don’t have faith in faith, I don’t believe in belief. Yes you can call me faithless. But I believe in love, and I still cling to hope and that’s faith enough for me.”
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    "I can't stop thinking big, I can't stop thinking big. In a world where I feel so small. I can't stop thinking big." Caravan | RUSH


      Aww that looks delicious. Well done my friend. We all have are ambitions high. That's what makes us strive to be better. I love failure. Keeps me humble. Problem is I've never failed. Just not succeeded as expected. Can't wait for a smoke report.


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        Going2fast No doubt I dropped the ball on staying on top of the drying. I knew it wasn't going to be the final harvest I had hoped for when I opened the tent and saw the RH @16%. The purpose of the grow was met, though I'm not super happy about the harvest weight, what flowers are there will without a doubt make a nice gift. FYI: just smoked a bowl of both flowers mixed. First bowl of the day and I'm toasted

        "I'll be showing the BU2B's PPP Method with two different strains. I'm not planning anything special or extraordinary. Hoping for a 'quiet' grow without incident and some nice buds in time for the Holidays." The grow was great and was indeed 'quiet' and I did end up with nice buds in time for the Holidays. The harvest was a bit lacking due to a slow leak in my airhead.

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