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    HELP! A Beginner

    What’s up everybody?? I’m Mall and I’m from Richmond Va. Weed was just made legal here. I’m a pot head and I wanna start growing my own shit but I don’t know where to begin. AT ALL. Where do I get seeds? What’s next? Please help!!!!

    Hi OGMall I would start here


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      agree, dont buy any seeds until you have read this.

    Many fine places to gain seeds, greybeards, new420guy, etc..
    Start with the links at the top of this page (Growing Basics, Seeds, Example setups, Plant Problems and read. Sign up for the News letter, and look up the old ones.
    There's a ton of info posted to get started with. Also read threads, hey if nothing else the are full of pretty girls! Threads on LED and other lighting, before you buy, read all you can. Lots of choices to make, living soil, coco, hydro etc.
    Question, have you ever grown any plants from seed? For first grows I dont recommend autos as when you have an issue, and you will, you have zero time to fix it, the clock is running. However with a photo-period plant you have the opportunity to fix it, and get a decent harvest from it.
    Welcome to GWE, you have your homework to do, start reading you have landed on the best place for info.


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