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    Fox Farm Nutes Expiration

    Hey guys. This isn’t a question post, but rather an informative one. I’ve been using the Fox Farm dirty dozen nutes for my soil grows and I was curious about any kind of expiration dates or best-before dates. Here’s the information that I got out of Fox Farm customer service:

    1) Their nutes don’t “expire”, i.e. they remain safe to use, but they will eventually lose potency

    2) The bottles don’t have dates on them, but they do have manufacture date codes, which Fox Farm will decipher for you if you email customer service and ask them to

    3) Here are the particular decoded date codes for my bottles, along with their recommended shelf lives for each of these products:

    Big Bloom: HX09NZ July 09, 2020 – 4 years
    Grow Big (2 bottles): HX25NZ July 25, 2020, IX19NZ August 19, 2020 – 3 years
    Tiger Bloom: GX18NZ June 18, 2020 – 3 years
    Boomerang (2 bottles): 103019 October 30, 2019, 071620 July 16, 2020 – 2 years
    Kangaroots: 081320 August 13 2020 – 2 years
    Microbe Brew: 012420 January 24, 2020 – 2 years
    Bembé: GX18NZ June 18, 2020 – 2 years
    Sledge Hammer: IX20NZ August 20, 2020 – 2 years
    Beastie Bloomz: GX27NZ June 24, 2020 – 4 years
    Cha Ching: GX30NZ June 30, 2020 – 4 years
    Open Sesame: GX25NZ June 25, 2020 – 4 years

    I hope this is helpful to someone.

    Rik ✌🏻

    Thanks for posting I am thinking of switching to Fox Farm notes, so this is good info.
    currently growing 2 x Critical Purple Kush Fem, Out doors in Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil, R/ water and small amounts of Dyna Grow nutrients if needed.


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