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What is this, please help I'm a noob...

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    What is this, please help I'm a noob...

    What are these white spots?
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      I don't think its White Powdery Mold, it looks like aphids perhaps.

      Here is a link to help, these guys are good:
      2X4X6 Quictent
      1.5x3x5 Gorilla tent
      600w LED (80)
      1000w LED (180)
      2 X Viparspectra P-1000
      2 X 4" fan with carbon filter ducted to unused boiler chimney
      6" battery/usb fans
      Mother Earth 70/30 coco/perlite
      GH trio with Calimagic
      Lung room humidifier
      3 and 5 gal plastic buckets Nebulas coco for autos nute schedule.
      ArmorSi, kelp when needed
      Running at pH 6.0
      Auto Lemon
      Northern Lights auto
      auto 00 Kush

      If you can't run with the big dogs... stay on the porch and do bong hits.


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