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  • hairyman
    yes. I agree . Some take several days and some pop in 24hrs. I use the paper towel method, wait for them to pop and then right away into the rapid rooter things. Usually good results except for found seed which is a crapshoot.

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  • SoOrbudgal
    Yes it happens i've waited 5 days then just put them in a cup of soil set them aside forget for few days even put a humidity dome cup on top. But not too hot a area as these will rot in high humidity, hot area. sometimes we get slow starters hang in there.

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  • MeEasy
    I have been having some issues with seeds lately and a friend n I were wondering with the big increase in growers that the breeders are allowing seeds to go through that they normally wouldn't or possibly immature seeds are being sent out to keep up with demand...I don't know this is happening it was just a conversation we had.

    What I've done is change my technique a little by soaking the seeds in a cup with a splash of peroxide in it for 24 hours before putting them into the paper towels and it seems to be helping

    Edit= forgot to say that on some seeds that they've just taken as much as 5-9 days to pop then a week to break ground so just major patience... I gave up on a couple sat em in the corner just for them to break ground like a week later... I don't know what is going on I'm just glad it's not just me having this issue I was about to go crazy
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  • newbutoldgrower75
    started a topic Germination question..

    Germination question..

    Hey everyone.

    I have started auto seeds the same way I have done with my previous three grows, they were all photo seeds previously, the paper towel method between two plates on a temp controlled heat pad(21°C). I have had great success with that method, 100% on my last grow, and all popping within 36 to 48hrs. I have only had 3, maybe looking like 4, out of 11 in nearly 48 hrs. If you have the time to give me some help/advice, it would greatly appreciated as always.


    1. Am I just being impatient and should just chill out a bit?
    2. As I am nearly ready to put the seeds that are ready into plugs, should I just plug all of them?
    3. My instincts tell me that I should also start the other 4 auto seeds left over, straight into the plugs this time? Or are my instincts off.. and maybe I should be less medicated?

    I got these seeds through the same local Australian seedbank I used for my current number 3 grow, and have had 100% success with the photo seeds so far. The Breeder of two of the strains is Synergy Automatic Genetics, and the third is from the seedbank, inhouse breeding. As this is my first time doing Autos, it could be just nerves I guess. Any help/advice on this would be appreciated as always. Thanks for your time everyone. Cheers
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