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    HELP! Harvest help!

    Should I harvest now or wait a week?
    This is roughly day 50F.

    I'd have harvested at least a week ago. You have a lot of amber. It'll be a couch lock weed. I dig my couch so am a fan of couch lock weed. To a point. I still have to get up to dab.

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    Dyna Gro Foliage
    Dyna Gro Bloom


      It depends upon the effects you wish to achieve. Right now you appear to have predominantly milky trich's. Harvesting today should provide a more "speedy" and up effect. Allowing more of the trich's
      to turn amber will start to provide a couch lock sleepy effect. It's totally up to you. You know, there is no requirement to harvest the entire plant at one time. You could harvest half now and half in a week. That would be interesting to do.
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      • Puglover1
        Puglover1 commented
        Editing a comment
        I just scoped out where I'm going to cut a third off the top of a dwarfy auto, and let the lowers mature more. Grasping for a yield.

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