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    I'd say like the rest of those on here is to go to and do a bunch of reading. Autos at that size at that age will produce maybe a small bud or two. I never recommend autos to new growers as if you dont know what you are doing then you wont be happy with the results. I know this from personal experience. Read up on growing mediums, nutrients, lights, transplanting and pot size ect. There is a lot of info on the main site that can answer most if not all your questions. We all started as noobs, but the ones who succeed take the failures as learning experiences and do a lot of research (at least that is how i have gotten to where i am). I dont mind helping when someone is willing to do their research (like we all had to do) but we frequently get people who just start growing without any research and expect us to tell them everything about growing without doing any of their own research.


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