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  • SoOrbudgal
    Hi from So. Oregon Venus you should be proud those look really good. I don't grow sativa dominant mostly indica but they are hybrids with some sativa in them. I like to grow outdoors every summer it's really challanges me as i'm getting to the 65yr old stage LOL i don't grow them big monsters like years past. Are you doing a hoop greenhouse light deprivation for `12/12 or you got a big room for them? Yes it's been awful dry hot here and i've moved mine in and out of sun too. I have kelp mixed into a tea i make with bat quano or fish shit LOL it really helps with saving those microbes in the soil an uptake during these hot days. Best of luck, do come around and show us the progress.

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  • Venus
    started a topic Sour Diesel Purple Haze Grow

    Sour Diesel Purple Haze Grow

    It is brutally hot here in Cali with consecutive triple digit weather . My Sativa dominant Sour Diesel and Purple Haze Girls are heat resistant up to a point . Germinated from feminized seed , I place them in the shade during the hottest part of the day . They are being raised in Fox Farms Ocean Soil , Hydroponics 3 bottle nutrients in small amounts ( less is better ) and I recently added seaweed kelp extract to their water because of the heat . I’m so proud of how beautiful and healthy my plants are . Will go into 12-12 for Flowering Stage last week of August.

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