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    Vape carts easy way

    Made these vape carts recently for a trip to a wedding and upcoming vacation. Hits almost as good as a dispensary cart. Made oil myself using qp of blue haze widow autoflower I also grew myself. Oil made with everclear and reduced in etoh pro. Got around 8 grams good oil. Got same amount from further processing material but went to dabbing. purged everclear for a week and gave it a few hours in a heated vacuum chamber. After that it went into a small ball jar for a partial decarb so oil doesn't harden in carts. I used a instant pot set on pressure cook for 1 hour on low temp. From there I let it cool for 20 min and took it out of the instant pot. Opened the lid and let co2 escape. Concentrate bubbles like crazy. I used a coffee pot warmer to keep Concentrate hot while I sucked it up in a syringe. From there I loaded it straight into carts. Filled 7 carts rest got stuck in the jar. Can resoak with everclear and reclaim. Each cart got one drop of girl scout cookie terps and that is THE ONLY THING ADDED 😀. Already smoked a whole cart till it was gone for that wedding. Lasted 3 days constant use lol and it hits goooood.
    Attached Files
    640 watt hlg quantum board
    320 watt diy chilled pucks x4
    300 watt mars hydro sp3000
    150 watt hlg quantum board
    100 watt spider farmer led x2
    organic soil with earth dust dry amendments
    Water only i don't check ph
    6 pot fabric autopots with GH trio nutes

    Very cool!!
    Outdoors - Super skunk with LST and topping in Coir/Soil/perlite mix - sunny, south facing garden space.
    Indoors - Four Stardawg photoperiod feminised, 1mx1m tent, passive intake, active exhaust/carbon filtering, coir/perlite mix, advanced nutrients pH perfect micro grow bloom, 250W LED (500W MH lamp equivalent) - scrog (to come), 20L fabric pots


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