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Beneficial mites?

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    COCO COIR Beneficial mites?

    Hello all, recently I ran into what I think isn’t a problem really but honestly I can’t tell. I was watering my plants which were quite dry. My meter had it down to like 10% moisture level. When I watered, all these little white bugs came to the surface and was crawling all around the base of the plant but not going up the plant. I’m growing in coco and I don’t believe the problem is fungus gnats. I use Athena ipm as a foliage spray preventive but was thinking of also using it as a drench? I also use og bio war as a drench currently u wasn’t sure if using Athena ipm as a drench would conflict with the og BioWar

    thank you!

    Also was thinking maybe a fungus gnat laid larve in there


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