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pH Bulb Maintenance

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    pH Bulb Maintenance

    Recently met up with a chemist who does extreme EPA water testing…. While discussing pH, the end result of our conversation was: to preserve the accuracy and performance of the bulb in your pH pen, soak the bulb in vinegar for 24-48 hours to clean it fully. The mild acetic solution keeps crud from adhering to the bulb. Rinse in neutral water and store wet. He prefers the standard 7 ph calibration solution or bulb storage fluid. He told me he calibrates every day but that is expected given what he does

    since so many of us use them and some are foolishly expensive… I figured I’d pass this along….

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    Good info. I use them for brewing beer as well so I've always taken care of mine with similar routines. I use the storage solution which is usually 4.0 but I do clean with distilled vinegar. Storage solution is critical. If the probe dries out for too long it can be ruined.

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