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    i have some ol friends that have been growing since the late 70`s and one was in high times way back. and they gave me a bit of something new they started, blueberry bee jesus,to smoke and try. they also gave me a bit that had been sprayed with colloidal silver so i could get some seeds. after breakin it up i now have 8 seeds from it. so will they be feminized seeds or what? is their any certain thing to do to them before germinating them. i dont plan on starting them anytime soon just wondering.oh and why exactly is plants sprayed with colloidal silver bad to smoke. i havent and dont intend to but seems like a waste of good bud.
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    Keep the seeds good and cool for when you're ready. They ought to be feminized if they were using colloidal silver to stimulate pollen production on a female plant. I'm a little confused - maybe they did spray that bud they gave you and made it hermie, but most folks pollinate a different plant from the one that made the pollen. Assuming it is sprayed, don't smoke it. Check out the GWE blog. There's an article on several ways to germinate seeds. I've used rooter plugs, wet paper towels and just sticking it in coco and watering it.
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