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    Finishing week 1 today. No more training needed now. Now it’s just feed and repeat till harvest


      The rh in the tent has been consistently high at 60ish for a while and it’s taken my stoner brain a while to realise it’s because I can’t vent my extraction so my grow area is just circulating the hot humid air. I’ve set up my veg tent with dehumidifier to pull in air at 30-40%. Tent has been sitting at 45ish since so seems to be working so far. Plants have been getting a bit too bushy so I’ve thinned them out a little by removing a handful or so of fans from each plant. Everything except the pineapple chunk is looking like it should be a decent looking yield.


        Starting to stack up nicely now. The blue sherbet is looking like it’ll have some nice dense nugs on her. The smells off the mimosa is unreal! It smells just like sherbet so it’s going to be some nice smoke. FIM’d my dawg and it’s turned out the best FIM I’ve had so far, 3 nice fat colas instead of 1 is all good in my book ☺️


          Hey Mike MagicMike66 I've been lurking and watching in amazement as you progressed this grow! I too took a couple months off due to heat here but my new soil mix is cooking. This time I'm trying Coco Loco with amendments (more perlite and castings). Forgive me if I've been a little confused as to whether these are photo or auto as I thought they were photo but seem to be finishing quickly. My fav part of watching you was the great training you managed with these! I'm running autos this time and will start as early as possible to do a Nebula manifold and a quadline. I've been leary of radical lolly popping but by the looks of yours the colas are fattening nicely. Very nice job!
          Grow # 3 50/50 S/I Critical Mass photo fem
          Seeds drop in water 1/8/2022

          Medium: FF Coco Loco plus 30% Perlite in 7 gal cloth bags
          Space: 30x48x62 DIY cabinet lined w/space blankets
          Lighting: Bloomspect SS1000 Quantum board x 3 - 300 watts actual draw
          Soil Supplements: Worm Castings, Crab Shell, Oyster Shell, Neem and Karanja Meal, Volcanic Basalt Dust (for minerals), Recharge root micros. Grow 3 is with reconstituted super soil to which I've added several additional minerals and supplements. A more complete list based on Cackamas Coots super soil recipe can be found in my Auto Toka thread
          i don't grow plants anymore, I grow soil that my plants can thrive in!
          My filtered tap water runs over 7.5 pH but the soil microbes
          make pH correction unnecessary
          Ventilation: Vipospar 4" Exhaust Fan w/RH controller, 12" Carbon Scrubber
          8" bottom intake fan, 6" clip on fan, 6" heater as needed
          Cabinet on screen porch. N AZ @ 4000 ft.

          My salute to all who have served
          Semper Fidelis!


          • MagicMike66
            MagicMike66 commented
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            Hey man, thanks very much for your kind words! These are all photos, I’m yet to try an auto grow but have been thinking about it. I’ve been experimenting with the lolly popping the last 2 grows, gradually taking off more and more in the hope of just having nice colas with minimal popcorn to trim. I’m yet to do a manifold purely down to the time it takes to grow out but I’d love to in future so be be sure to post us pics of you’re next grow. And feel free to keep lurking in the background 👍🏻

          Entering week 3 and I’ve given them all a light defol to try and get light down to the lower buds. Now I’ll pretty much just leave them as they are until harvest time.


            And then there were 4… When feeding today I noticed a large seed on top of one of the colas on my gorilla zkittles. Upon further examination, she’s fucking covered in them! 😭 This was probably the plant I was most looking forward to so I’m gutted. I couldn’t bear to just chop her cos she’s the frostiest plant I’ve got and smells soo damn good! So I’ve decided to experiment by cropping her and chucking into my mini veg tent. Hopefully if it works I’ll end up with a couple of hundred seeds and maybe a joints worth of rocking bud 😂😭


              Just pulled what looks like a sack off the mimosa and the dawg had an almost formed seed on top of one of the colas. Could be a disaster of a grow..


              • UndergroundFarmer
                UndergroundFarmer commented
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                If it makes you feel any better, my Kosher Kush I just cut down still seems mighty dank even though my little accident with Blueberry pollen made way more seeds than I intended. KK was pollinated very late in flower and I think that makes a big difference. The Blueberries I also cut down yesterday were pollinated early. They didn't have much smell or trichomes to speak of. The KK is so frosty I'm expecting that those seeds sticking out can't fall out on their own because they are glued in.

              • MagicMike66
                MagicMike66 commented
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                Well tbh it doesn’t make me feel any better but thanks anyway 😂 I’ve put the gorilla back in the main tent and just leaving them all to finish. It’ll be what it’ll be. Potential causes are a small hole in my tent or too big a temp swing from lights on/off. They all look like sweet plants so hoping they won’t be too bad come harvest and I’ll still get enough to tide me over.

              I’m now down to 3 live plants.. Gorilla zkittles I’ve chopped her down and she’s hanging to dry. I was going to get rid but the trichs were mostly cloudy with a even a slight hint of amber so hopefully I’ll get at least an oz of useable bud and some seed out of her. The Startdawg (pictured) I just killed it cos it was just making seed.


                The 3 remaining plants are all looking ok so far. The pics on the mimosa just don’t do it justice! And the smell is just pure sherbet. Going to be some unreal smoke. Not really changed much in size the last week and showing some hints of amber so today was probably her last feed. Pineapple chunk and blue sunset are fattening up nicely but still have some ways to go


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