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First grow with Super-soil...

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    First grow with Super-soil...

    Good morning all, I'm going to give Kind super soil a try, it will be a side by side comparison under 315c. in a 4x4 tent. White Widow fem. in 5 gal. smart pots. One with straight Batch 64 moonshine potting soil going to 50%fox farm neuts. at 12/12hr shift.The other with super soil on the bottom batch 64 on top and nothing but ph.d 6.0 water til harvest. I may scrog them, not sure yet tho. My question is ... should I use the super soil in the strength recommended by Kind soil 1lb. per gal. of container 5 gal = 5lb or dial it down some. I've always felt manufacturers recommend more so you buy more. kinda like neuts. I'm open for any and all suggestions. Thanks for letting me bounce this off ya"ll .... peace out

    What is the 315c it the 315lec?


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      Green75....yup, sun system 315 light emiting ceramic

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      Finally someone else on here who has one....I love

    I'd be curious on answers to this as well. I decided to go with a Kind soil grow for the next indoor, after the auto going now is finished (which is using coco and perlite). I'll grow the same strain (Bubblelicious), and get some comparison. I'm not sure what to add over the Kind soil...maybe Fox Farm potting soil or Ocean Forest? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks 🌻
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      Roots Organic Original would work well for the top layer, as you can not have a hot soil or it will burn the seed and auto's do not require as much nutrients.

    Very interested to see how this goes. I think for a first test I would be tempted to go with Kind's recommendation. This said, I guess too little hot soil is a better problem than too much.
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      I can wait to see this, that seems like a great experiment!


        for a first time indoor grower, who is weighing out soil and soil less methods, I am anxious to see this.....thanks for posting.


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