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A Previous Problem and Resent Frustration

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    HYDRO A Previous Problem and Resent Frustration

    During the grows I recently harvested I ran into a problem I was going to post about once I had chance to try that harvest. But the best laid plans often go astray so I'll post on it here with the post updating a problem I am or may have had with my clone grow time will tell but the outlook seems bright. The first 3 pictures were taken last month while working through the problem I had with my Bubblelicious tote. The symptoms were the inability for the nutrient solution to maintain stability for more than a few days and would become acidic. With my current setup it isn't every easy to get a good view into the reservoir, I have plans to make new frames this week mounting the scrog net to the lid instead of the trolleys eliminating that issue. So I devised a way to lift everything out of the tote to find that I must have caught a leaf with the Blue Lab Truncheon I had just recently bought and started to use. There was a large fan leaf with pieces embedded though out the roots and stuck to pump filter causing root rot and my PH issue. There was so much material embedded in part of the roots I just cut them out, changed the pump, rinsed the roots with plain water and replaced the tote base with new sanitized one. I lost 90% of the fan leafs but manged to bring that grow to harvest. Now onto the frustration I had dealt with in my clone grow a couple of weeks back I noticed the colas where not producing new top growth. With Ph being stable at that time I thought maybe the 3 Vipar 600 watt lights I was using were to close so I pulled the middle one since they were as high as I could raise them and moved one of the Vipar 1200 lights from grow room to over that tote to gain a couple of inches and get me through the few days till I wanted to move it into my room. As I've stated before I do not do weekly reservoir I do them as needed and right after changing out the light PH started to drift down so I did a change. A few days after moving that tote into my room PH was dropping again, it had been close to a week so I just changed the nutrient solution. Well 3 days later PH was crashing again so I drained it and lifted everything like before but found no foreign mater in the tote but did find that some of the roots coming out of basket where drying out and dying. I had previously removed the feed tubes I run to bottom of baskets so I replaced them hoping the roots weren't staying moist enough and refilled it with a fresh solution. But 2 days later PH was crashing again and being frustrated I said Fuck It and added 2 ml of base and went out to work in the garage at some point that day I had a wide thought of killing everything in the tote a went to basement a grabbed a new bottle of peroxide and poured the whole thing into the tote making sure to get it on the root above the solution. At this point I didn't care if I lost that grow I have plenty of smoke to get by. The next day I decided I had better get the reservoir changed started to mix up nuts but the second gallon the PH was off once mixed that's when it hit me all but the Kool Bloom I started using last fall was well over a year or 2 old so I decided to just go get all new nutrients. Now a few days later all be it a little high PH seems stable and I have new growth through out the entire grow. I now have the date I opened those nuts written on each bottle and will replace them yearly.

    Thank you for posting this!
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