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Am I being paranoid or does she show signs of a deficiency

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  • cr0sis
    Done! Thanks for the heads up and peace of mind

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    Hello cr0sis sis, welcome to GWE forum. All I can see here is some really healthy looking leaves. Something every new person who comes for help has to learn this. Be sure to study GWE tutorials and then give us your grow specs each time you post. This is easy to do in your account section under signature. Enter all your grow specs and they will be there each time you post. Saves all our time and we can give good answers. Good Luck!
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  • Am I being paranoid or does she show signs of a deficiency

    Honestly, I think I am being paranoid and now I see the photos sat here I don't see a problem, but where there's lighter patches of green on all photos, it looks more yellow/green in person. My cameras sensor has always been green biased, so these pics probably don't help my case..

    But, hypothetically, if a leaf is going yellow where you see the ligher shades of green, what could the issue be?
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