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Dying leaves on seedling

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    HELP! Dying leaves on seedling

    This is my first grow. Strain is speedy Chile from royal queen seeds and is about one month old. The first weeks it was on a window sill and I moved it outdoors about 2 weeks ago. Have not fed any nutrients but I did add some organic fertilizer to the soil before planting it. I cover the pot with a cloth to prevent it from heating too much. I think it looks like its light burn, however I dont know how the sun could cause that given the plant must be used to it. Any advice on what the problem is and on what or if I can do anything about it would be appreciated.
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    Yes i think it was not conditioned enough for the outdoor bright big light. You did well to shade for intense heat but leaf got hit. Keep doing what you doing protect young from heat. When i take young ones outdoors i bring them in an out for several days an short hrs. She'll recover just water well now give her big drinks when she's dry. Best of luck
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    I use a t-5 & 54watt CFL for seedlings
    Sometimes i use plastic sometimes i use fabric grow containers
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      Thank you for your advice, I won't keep exposing her to direct sun all day.

    I start my plants directly in the sun, from day 1 all my autos.. I honestly don’t think it’s the sun. And I live in a high place with 30 Celsius a day now.

    to me it looks like you have severe PH issues or a phosphorus deficiency. I would guess on Ph issues
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      could have been what was in the fertilizer...was it made especially for cannabis?. It could also be sun damage but I don't think so. The plant would look droopy and leaves would be canoeing. At this point if it's really hot 30C or more then only let them in direct sunlight for 5 or 6 hours then shade. Make sure you water them regularly but don't over water and make sure the PH is good...for soil it should be around 6.5.

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