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First grow. Am I ready yet

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    First grow. Am I ready yet

    updated to previous post.

    My dates say I am a week away from 60 days of flower.

    I have two plants alien rock candy and white widow. I didn’t understand how to train my plants, so I spent forever in veg. The ARC has always been a more robust plant and it is covered with frost. The white widow is shorter and the buds are smaller. I didn’t think about flushing when I started and I can’t go back now. I think the WW will get a hit for that. Not sure if I will have to harvest her early or she will be able to survive the flush for ARC. Would take some advice on that if anyone knows.

    I want them at peak to late peak harvest. Before they get too mellow.

    ps. My first grow. Hydro and stuff. Used city water. GH trio. A little pH down. Followed nebulas recipe to the ml.
    I have previous pics of my grow posted in a diff thread, but these are just taken.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	1A4C5E1C-BD3B-43D3-991B-5B1BAD7E0BB7.jpeg Views:	12 Size:	2.78 MB ID:	518452Click image for larger version  Name:	231FDA57-D8BB-4F9D-818A-6A8C99D25A98.jpeg Views:	11 Size:	2.15 MB ID:	518453Click image for larger version  Name:	78E8EA79-B7C8-4703-9066-F8299C35B59F.jpeg Views:	11 Size:	4.29 MB ID:	518454Click image for larger version  Name:	A6936CF6-069D-48A2-8AEB-4004599CF72C.jpeg Views:	11 Size:	3.59 MB ID:	518455Click image for larger version  Name:	54B69E31-F389-48DC-9E86-CE819565145B.jpeg Views:	12 Size:	4.44 MB ID:	518456
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    LOL yeah those look like you have no idea what you're doin.

    Them look good my man. Enjoy
    Learned a lot this year. pH and whiteflies are issues that need controlling. Maybe an auto over January.....hmmmm...


    • Jreb04
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      Lol. I totally don’t.

      Should I harvest?

    Hopefully I can do better next time. I learned a lot and I think I will do a lot better next time.


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