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    COCO COIR Nutrient information

    Hello to the growing community. I am new to growing and have a question about nutrients. I am growing outdoors in grow bags and the medium I am using is about 40% Mo Koko (coco substrate) , 40% Promix mycorrhizae and 20% perlite. I had no idea what to order as far as nutrients, so I ordered the 3 part Micro, Grow, Bloom. My question is should I follow what it says on the bottles for coco and feed everyday? Or does that change because of the fact that it's not pure coco? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

    Well. I have no idea what’s on the promix but you could start at half dose every watering and rise if needed. That formula is very low on magnesium so read up on supplements like calmag or Epsom salts


      Thank you so much 9Fingerleafs, I will try that, I was just worried about giving too much, I have read that plants can get nutrient burn and got scared. Half dose at first sounds good and I will judge if they need more. Thanks again, happy growing 👍


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