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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) wash for PM and thrips, recommendations?

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    HELP! Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) wash for PM and thrips, recommendations?

    So I’ve done some reading and found an H2O2 Wash is probably in my best interest for 2 plants I have with PM and thrips.

    However, I haven’t done this process before and only have 3% H202, where online I read 35% is best. Will this still be ok if I up the dosage?
    I have a sprayer I’ll use before the lights go out (to minimize any leaf burn)
    Also going to defoliate as the previous owners who gifted these did not take proper care. Hoping to get them healthy for the flip soon!

    Just wondering what your experiences have been with this process, and if I’m ok using what I already have available mentioned above.

    thanks in advance for any comment/tips!!
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    Never done “the wash” but growing outdoors I know plants can be soaking wet and everything is fine so just follow directions and give it a try I would just do the conversion 10 to 1 just like you said


      Thanks for the advice!
      These 2 are indoors so I set up some dehumidifiers to help with the extra moisture. Figuring out if I should defoliate first and spray or vice versa.

      Been having some issues finding a good ratio of h2o2 to water ratio, as well as recommended Ph to spray with, any idea what might work best?


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        I really don’t. Only seen YouTube vids about it

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