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Trolf Blumat questions

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    Trolf Blumat questions

    Tropf Blumat questions.

    I just installed a blumat system.

    I have a 3x2x4 cabinet (w x d x h)

    I have 4 3gal fabric pots.

    Using Fox Farms Ocean Forest

    My res is setting on top of the cabinet.

    So I would guess it is 3ft higher than the emiters.

    I set it up according to the instructions.

    One carrot per pot.

    After 4 days my water level has not dropped.

    Plants still seem a little damp, so I am not sure if they are adjusted correctly.

    I have drip pans and my res is only ¼ full (2gal).

    I think I my be to worried about a runaway?

    Any suggestions?

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