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    Feminized Seed Plant

    I recently grew a, Girl Scout Cookies, plant from a feminized seed from Nirvana that produced excellent bud. It also produced some excellent seeds, 2 of which I germed and planted, which are now about 7 inches. My question is, are the seeds from a plant that was grown from a feminized seed, female? In other words, are these 2 plants female?

    Hi beav406
    Got to love the girl scout cookies! Did you grow this plant indoors where it is most likely did not get pollenated by another plant? Or, was it grown outside where it may have been pollinated by pollen in the wind?
    If it was grown indoors the plant may have hermied and pollenated itself. If this is the case your newly planted seeds should both be female. If grown outside it could have been pollenated by who knows what in the wind and you'll have to wait and see what they are. And there is always the chance that it was grown indoors and some outdoor pollen got in some how.
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      Hey Jeff, she was grown in a 4x4 tent with with a feminized Sour Diesel and a feminized Black Jack under a 400 watt MH/HPS. I've recently switched to a Spider Farmer SF4000.


      • SoOrbudgal
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        Well that's wonderful we just finished off some GSCookies smoke was wonderful. I'll grow her again. Great new light you got also beav406. I love finding seeds from fem plants LOL

      • JeffInCanada
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        Any of the plants in the tent could have hermied and caused the seeds I guess. Grow 'em out and see what happens. Free seeds are always bonus, even if they're a bit of mystery. Good luck!

      I was wondering the same thing. thanks for the info. i have a 4x4 indoor growing feminized gorilla breath and found 3 seeds.


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