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Burned tips and Yellowing

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    SOIL Burned tips and Yellowing

    Needing HELP.
    Okay... So this has been a journey and a learning experience for the past 8 weeks. These are Bubblegum strain feminized. This is my 8th week since the plants have broke through top soil. They are growing very slow and look behind on their age. I had posted a while back that I had been giving them high ph water for almost 6 weeks straight without realizing, I was not keeping up on their ph daily (didnt know PH drifts out of water). Their fluratrio nutrients also had a high PH. I had completely stunned and ruined the grow of these plants... But I have 1 plant that is growing big and branching more wide... Thats my backstory, now, these plants I flushed with 6.5 ph for 2 weeks straight, and have kept up on their PH. I just started giving them their nutrients again since the soil used up all its fertilizer weeks ago... These plants are still behind on their grow and barely growing much. I topped them a week ago later than usually in their grow. Again, my mistake.... 2 of the plants have little to no growth and its leafs are bright tint yellow green. All my plants tips especially going towards the lower part are burned and curled up not downward... again I have flushed these guys for 2 weeks and have started giving nutrients.
    I use 2 100W vivosun lights on 100% not close to the plants
    6’ vivosun inline fan
    humidifier kept at 60% in the grow tent
    Small fan
    And aswell as a ceramic room heater keeping them above 73F degrees.

    I have been holding off asking for help, if any of yall have any advice or solution, it is very greatly appreciated!

    These plants have been through a bit of a shit kicking. I know you know I think you did the right thing by flushing for a while with correct PH to settle them down (maybe go a little lower in the future around 6.0). They look like they do need nutes now and you are feeding them so that's good. I suggest you use half strength nutes every 2nd or 3rd watering. Watch for an improvement. Floratrio has Cal/mag in it but they may need more cal/mag eventually. Keep an eye for that. If you have a cal/mag additive include it with feeding, half strength. Good luck!
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      Yes, I added calmag. I appreciate you getting to my post. Thank you alot, will continue to feed and get them on track.

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