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    DWC Question

    So silly question, with a DWC system what is the flow rate up to the net cup? Steady stream or drip? How long average does this need to continue?

    Much of it is growers preference, I have had the tube in bottom of pot from start to finish. Then in other grows I have removed tubes from pots late in veg phase once roots are well established. In my first clone grow I tried only running it a couple times a day and for 15 minutes per hour they didn't like that the roots hanging looked like they were drying out needed it to stream continuously to keep roots happy. In both totes I have in my room now the feed tubes where removed end of veg but I still have the pump and tubes in there. I run the pumps with a line run where it allows me to easily get samples for checking PH since I use drops to check PH.


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