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Automatic drip system for indoor plants.

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    Automatic drip system for indoor plants.

    I have to be gone for a couple of weeks.
    Has anyone used one of these (or similar).

    Seems like it might be just the ticket.

    I have 4 3gal fabric pots and 4 1 gal plastic pots.
    Using FFOF soil.
    I was thinking of adding 4, ¼ " drip valves to the one gal, for adjustment purposepurpose.
    Let me know if you need more info.

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    No I haven’t used them but I do have Blumats. Same idea except there is no need for power. Great for living soils because they keep you soil at whatever moisture level you set them at. If you like a dry period like most people with bottled nutrients then it may not work. Worth taking a look for sure


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