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    SOIL advanced nutrients

    hi guys i was wondering
    Big Bud + Bud Candy + b-52 or
    Connoisseur Grow A-B or

    Sensi Bloom A-B or the usual one

    Advanced Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom

    which combine would be best? please help..thanks for responds

    by the way flowering stage starts soon and in vegegative stage i just used Voo Doo juice ,thats it...nothing to worry start more nutrients now in flowering stage?

    Here are a bunch of different Advanced Nutrients nutrient schedules, with varying levels of complexity. See what works best for you. FYI they usually recommend a much higher nutrient concentration than most other manufacturers, so don't be afraid to start with a half-strength dosage and see how the plants react.

    Edit: bear in mind that you don't necessarily need all of the products listed in their schedules, especially those with microorganisms, enzymes, etc. Check what each bottle contains first, so you don't spend hundreds of dollars in things you don't really need at first.
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    • bobycudo
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      thanks man ...and also is it oky to use this nutrients if i didnt use nothing except voo doo juice in veg. stage? cause some of theem u need to start from the veg. stage

    • azorahai
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      It doesn't matter what you've done until now, you could just start a new nutrient schedule where you're at. That being said, also bear in mind that these schedules are for soilless grows, meaning they presuppose your soil mix has little to no nutrients in it (edit: from organic fertilizers, such as earthworm castings, bat guano, etc.). If your mix already has something in it, you should use even less than half-strength.
      Also, it's a good idea to have a ppm meter in order to periodically measure how many nutrients are still present in the soil (from the run-off), or else you could end up feeding your plants a lot more often than needed and potentially reach toxic concentrations. Or just alternate feeding and watering with as many in-between waterings as you can before they start showing deficiencies (if they do show deficiencies, you'll know how hungry they are and how often you should feed them so you never run into deficiencies again). But having a ppm meter is safer, in my opinion.
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