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Cleaning a pump water sprayer (possible Pink Mold)

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    Cleaning a pump water sprayer (possible Pink Mold)

    Hi, so I noticed my month old plants not looking so hot recently. It started with yellowing lower leaves then the top leaves started yellowing a little different much like what I see from calcium or magnesium deficiency. I fed the girls a little Cal-Mag yesterday thinking that would fix the problem.

    I have a 5 gallon bucket I use to PH my water because my tap water is 8+ and I have been filling it nearly full so I can get a few waterings in without having to PH the water every time and I put a bubbler in to run to keep the water fresh. I used the last bit of water yesterday and went to clean it this morning and noticed pink on the paper towel I was cleaning with so I am assuming it is pink mold maybe and this could be the cause of the issues I am seeing so I wanted to ask for suggestions on the method and solution you guys use to clean a pump water sprayer out.


    UV light, set it in the sunshine if you dont have the UVB/C tool.
    What are you doing for chloramine or chlorine in the tap water?


      Thanks for the reply Rwise and thats a good idea.

      I got a new sprayer to use and think I am going to run some warm soapy water through the system of the other one and sit it under UV...possibly use it later down the road.

      As far as chloramine and chlorine in the tap water, I haven't really paid much attention to either but its my 2nd crop so I am still failing a bit lol. However, I learned a lot from the first go-arounds huge mistakes and havent made so many this time around so far. Only time will tell.

      thanks again for the input


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