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is it calcium deficiency ?

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    is it calcium deficiency ?

    t seems calcium deficiency to me. Am I right or not ?

    Link to more pictures and video:

    1) PICTURE OF PLANT attached
    2) Growing indoor
    3) Watering 1l per day (EC 1,3 - PH 6)
    4) Growing Medium: clay
    5) What stage of growth : flowering

    Click image for larger version

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    You are growing in clay? That takes a bit of doing so unless you've done it successfully before I'd say that's your first problem. Clay is typically compacted soil and makes it difficult for roots to breathe and spread out. It also tends to retain water so if you are watering everyday the plants are likely drowning...what you are seeing may be a result of root rot.
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      Hi Jalbit
      It sure looks like calcium deficiency. Here's the GWE calcium page.
      Calcium deficiencies cause tiny brown spots that appear on new and middle growth. Learn how to fix this problem for good!
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        Thx JeffInCanada

      Hi dilvish thx for your answer..

      I'm growing in hydro dwg system... to be honest the roots look healthy and also the plant looks quite good except some leaves like these ones.

      Please check out this video of roots:



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