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Show Your Grow- Papaya & Master Kush

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    Show Your Grow- Papaya & Master Kush

    Here is my first scrog attempt. Papaya photos on the right and a Master Kush photo far left. We are in week 6 of flower.

    Tent: 2x4x6 Mars Hydro
    Light: 300 watt GLS 300 LED on 2/3 power.
    Soil: 2/3 ffof, 1/3 perlite and a couple cups worm castings in 3 gallon fabric pots.
    Nutrients: Nothing until flower then Advanced Nutrients SensiBloom 300 to 800 ppm. RO water, ph 6.3-6.7, calmag and worm tea a couple of times in veg.

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