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Do these look okay?

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  • Catfish22
    commented on 's reply
    Well, your welcome. Almost everything I know comes from reading GWE tutorials and reading Q&A on the forum.

    I do have the luxury of an OG hippie chick for consultation when needed but answers are in old, old school. 82 years old, still assists with cloning and is self assigned QC officer for all production runs!

    We have to sort through all the information and sift out what sounds doable and makes sense and try it. Worst that will happen is a dead plant and some expensive lessons but at least you know what not to do next time.
    Best and usual outcome? We get nice potent, tasty buds and then we get buzzzzed!!

  • SoOrbudgal
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    Yep what Catfish22 says spot on no worrries those look great Beginnersprouter

  • Beginnersprouter
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    Thank you so much for the reply and I really appreciate it! It sounds perfect to me and all makes complete sense, I'll be sure to Google about that and research it some more! Thank you once again!

  • Catfish22
    They look real nice and healthy.

    Did you read the description for the strains you are growing?

    The Mimosa is about 80% sativa, long flowering times. Yours is 55-75 days.

    The Critical is 100% indica, shorter flower times. Yours is about 45-55 days.

    Those are the breeder specs, it usually takes another 7-10 days on average to sometimes months for some of the landrace sativas.

    You've a few weeks to go yet and your doing just fine. Watch your RH and temps. If you are not familiar with vapor pressure differential (I think) or VPD, Google it and scan over it, it's more or less how a plant breathes and there are charts to compare temp with RH to maintain proper VPD.
    Its easier than it sounds! I'll post one of the charts when I locate it.

    They will start really filling out in a couple more weeks and then just keep swelling while the trichomes get cloudy.

    You still have a lot of white pistils from what I can see, they will all start turning brown and curling back in first.

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  • Beginnersprouter
    started a topic HELP! Do these look okay?

    Do these look okay?

    Day 31 of flower, since the 12/12 swap I'm just wondering if these look okay? There doesn't seem to be much mass to them although I'm not too sure when the buds "bulk up"
    any help, advice or wisdom would be much appreciated!
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