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BUGS- what should i spray

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    BUGS- what should i spray

    Hello my friends, i have a plant growing outdoors, and want to move it indoors next week, but noticed some bugs. she has been flowering for about 3 weeks, so what is safe to spray? Monterey, or maybe a h2o2 solution? any thoughts.
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    Yo dude, I'm not sure if I'm seeing any bugs tho that's probably just my eyes lol, except for in 2nd pic possibly there's some white aphids/greenfly in middle spine of leave??

    If they are just little aphids & they're not crazy established yet, a manual trick i find works to avoid chems or sprays in flower, is using a hairdryer to just blow them off again.

    Do it in area away from where they stay/do outside before bringing inside, etc - Put hairdryer on cool setting & medium/lower strength flow - Hold main stem of plant about halfway up and slowly buzz from top to bottom all round a few times then do slow bottom to top buzzes all way round to get underside of leaves and try to blow all of main stem too - just keep hairdryer far enough away that it's still a strong gust blasting leaves the back but without being in danger of ripping them whatsoever, and you should find most of the aphids will easily get blown back off into the world again!

    Afterwards, i also then used to smooth most of the leaves between thumb and fingers to squash any hidden in leave spines/undersides and rub stems and branches, and just make sure no egg piles left lying around. Potentially you may need to repeat in a couple days if they keep appearing, though i found it definitely worked to help stop them getting established.

    Otherwise, if they anything else and more sticky type bugs, then I'll admit blowing them off may not work so well, though I'll wish you luck battling them either way dude!


      I'm afraid it'll be a continuing battle trying to control insects inside the house. You have a large plant with many hidden spaces, it's not like a clone you can completely dunk into a solution of bug killer (accompanied by a soil drench). The worst thing that can happen is have dormant insects or eggs in your grow room that'll infest your next grow (or current grow). IMO it's a gamble you'll kill all the bugs. A pesticide may not kill all the insects. And under indoor lights those remaining bugs will thrive (and eggs left behind will hatch).

      Are there any other plants inside your house? If 'yes', the insects will find them.
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        Monterey, or any spinosad should not be used in flower. Many places have banned it for use on MJ, my state is one.
        ISO and water, 1 part ISO to 8 parts water (I go 50/50), it will not kill eggs but kills adults, so it has to be repeated every 3 days for at least 3 treatments, just like the spinosad. (with lights out).


          thanks for the input guys. Rwise, what strength ISO do you use, 70% or the 91%?


            I use either but if I can get it I go with the 91%, since covid the 91 is hard to find.


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