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    Almost Freaky?

    Over the past few years I've seen some things with my plants and seen much more from all of you. Some cool, like the freak show, and some not so much like bud rot and spider mites and such. My mid-winter grow is in full swing and to be honest it is going slow. (Yes, I can read a calendar but we got 5" of snow in the past few days.)This is my first grow using recycled soil and Earth Dust. I knew the grow would be slower than bottled nutes and soil but it is really slow...even for auto.

    To the guesses on this plant...I know there is a name for it but I can't recall what that is right now.

    Hi OlderNOTwiser
    It's always tough to say for sure but it kinda looks like iron deficiency on the one plant. Have a read, see if it makes sense....
    Problem:  A cannabis iron deficiency causes bright yellow leaves on new growth. This deficiency is usually caused by problems with pH.
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      P and/or K excess/toxicity will cause thin new leaves, yellowing for back to front, and cal/mag/iron/sulfer deficiencies from root zone ph lowering and root die back.
      Where all the white widow at?


        When this seed first cracked and had a tiny taproot it looked normal. The first leaves were yellow as were all that followed. Its first soil was in a Solo Cup and was plain old Miracle Grow. And it was yellow. I transplanted early (day 7 above ground) because of what I thought was an iron issue (but in Miracle Grow?). This is now into the Earth Dust blend. I did read up on iron issues and have many entries in my journal on that. It is otherwise quite stout and growing well. The three plants in the last pic are all in the same blend and two appear to have no issues. In fact they're very dark and look like I've given them Nitrogen.

        This one is a Dinamed CBD auto. To be honest, I've found the high CBD autoflowers are really finicky girls. I get them to the finish line but it can be worrisome. Nebula's article doesn't hit too much for me with a living soil and pH though I'll check it in a couple hours when I start the day. I did take note of the reverse osmosis water (not me) and filtered water. I use a filter for chloramine and heavy metals.I just checked and it does claim to remove iron. So...methinks an experiment is in my future.

        I already have a gallon of water and mosquito dunk stuff sitting out (filtered). I'll use that up today on the other plants and set an unfiltered container out for tomorrow and subsequent watering on this girl and see if it helps. It won't fix the chloramine but perhaps it'll keep more iron in the mix. Or if it is just how this plant is gonna be.


          Morning chores done now, so back to this. I did a pH check of the tap water, filtered water and mosquito dunk water. All at 6.3 - 6.4 pH so any iron should be available. On the off chance this cultivar needs more iron than usual I added a teaspoon of FF Big Bloom which is their micro blend. I'll keep that up for a week and monitor new growth. I did draw a gallon of tap water and have it airing out for tomorrow.


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            I read about CBD strains and did see they can be a challange to grow. It says on one article do to it's wild nature it does not like indoors so much an it can be a tricky plant. I'm going to get a CBD plant from a grower this next month but it will be outdoors. It's a photo though so guess i'll see? Goodluck with these gals OlderNOTwiser

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