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Coco/perlite hyhdro. What is that smell?

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    Coco/perlite hyhdro. What is that smell?

    OK, I'm 2 months into my first hydro grow. Plants appear to be doing well. Coco/perlite 70/30, 3 gallon cloth containers, DTW, hand watered for now, 5x5 tent, spider farmer sf 4000, 18/6 light cycle, temps in mid 70's, humidity running about 55% GH trio nutes with calmag. Everything good except for the smell. It reminds me of an aquarium that is overdue for a cleaning and water change. For those who are not familiar, think shallow mucky pond on a hot summer day with a touch of dirty socks. It is not knock you off your feet bad, just a hint of that aroma. To me, this says bacteria and or mold. Nothing slimy, no standing water, no obvious growth of any microbes. I am a firm believer in "if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it". I read that adding H2O2 to the nutrient solution will prevent such things.

    Is this type of smell normal? If not, anyone have experience using peroxide or something else to fix? Let it ride or take action?

    That's not a normal smell. I would add some ascorbic acid to the nutrient solution. This is an educated guess tho because I gave up on hydro, only use soil now. I found the hydro didn't produce terpenes as well as soil.


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      ascorbic acid is what I use to lower pH. It will also knock out any chlorine. EDIT: Now that I think about it, I had a hydro grow with root rot and that was a bad, moldy smell.
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